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Chairman’s Report
for Westland Ballroom Dance Section
Annual General Meeting 2009/2010

AGM 2008

Good evening and welcome to the 21st Annual General Meeting of the Westland Modern Ballroom Dance Section.  For the fourth year running I am pleased to report that our club section is in a healthy, solvent and active state.  Our club is still growing in popularity due in no small measure to the warmth and hospitality shown by you, our members, towards the growing numbers of new dancers.
The driving force behind any successful venture is of course the committee and I offer my most heartfelt thanks to Treasurer Pete Open, Membership Secretary Linda and Brian Geary, John Yeoman and our club secretary Penny.
This year I am able to report on four successful formal dances. Because of bad weather at the beginning of 2009 our Anniversary Dance was postponed until after the 2009 AGM.  Fortunately we were able to rearrange the Anniversary Ball at short notice and Sid & Roz Gateley provided music to their extremely high standard.  The committee considers that theming dances is now an important tradition for our club, so for the 2009 Anniversary Ball the theme was Hollywood with a stage featuring icons of the US movie industry, we were treated to an excellent demonstration by Jasmine Chan and Jonas Kazlauskas who completed a great ten dance programme. 
The problem for the committee was then how to move forward from the Hollywood theme so naturally we thought that Bollywood was the first choice.  Therefore, on the 19th June with again Sid and Roz we decided to theme our ballroom for Bollywood with Jack Beale and Karolina Szmit dancing a superb five dance ballroom demonstration.
Then on the 24th October we completely changed the nature of our dances and went for the dramatic ‘Haunted Ballroom’, complete with animated ‘ghosts’ on the stage with Gary and Tricia Fleetwood entering wholly into the spirit of the occasion with Gary even wearing a traditional ‘Phantom’ mask.  For this dance  Andrew Escolme and Amy Baker provided and excellent five dance Latin American demonstration for our club.
This year our Anniversary Ball was danced as scheduled and so on the 6th February Sid & Roz hosted our annual ball which this year was themed ‘Dancing Cheek to Cheek’, dance demonstrators were Richard Still and Morgan Hemphill who put on a dazzling ten dance display.  The colours for this dance featured shades of red with black and TJevents obliged us by supplying favours featuring red heart (‘smarties’) in decorated black and red boxes, together with metallic heart shaped balloons that complemented our theme of art deco red hearts and dancers.
The WLC Open Family Day is now a regular event for our club and is a key feature for the Leisure Complex as together with Mojive and Salsa we provide a great day’s entertainment in the Ballroom and are able to both showcase our club and also to get many new visitors to actively participate in the event.
These formal dances and the quality of our Wednesday dances have continued our policy to make the quality of our dances as professionally managed as possible and to make every dance a special occasion for our dancers. In particular the committee expresses their gratitude to John Yeoman and Edith and Brian White for helping to get the ballroom decorated for our special dances.
The club dances are enhanced by the quality of our music hosts and the great atmosphere generated by our members.  Penny has contributed to the quality of our evenings by engaging great music hosts, assisting them with the kinds of music, dances and tempo appreciated by our dancers and of course selecting the very best music for our club music nights.
As an additional attraction this year we ran a Christmas dinner in the lounge bar starting at 6:30 just before the last Wednesday dance of 2009.  This was a very popular and enjoyable event and if possible will be repeated this year.
Our music hosts noiw include Sid & Roz Gateley, Gary & Tricia Fleetwood, Carl Webb, Mark Helmore, David Last, Jon Randall and Peter Tebby, Paul Eden and of course Penyy and myself. Jon Randall and Peter Tebby have proved to be popular additions to our list of music presenters and now contribute to our varied music programme. 
I would like to express my gratitude to Penny for the hours she spends selecting the very best dance music and combining it into a balanced dance programme for our club dance nights.  I would also like to express my gratitude to club members who turn up to dance to our music.
The dance lessons are continuing in popularity and are enjoyed by many new dancers.  I would like express the club’s thanks to Heidi and Lisa for their continued work with the lessons.  We are starting to see new dancers coming to our Wednesday evenings and helping to build the great ambience of our club.
On the financial front we still have a healthy balance, as reported by our treasurer.  The good financial position is due to two main issues the first is the good attendance at our Wednesday evenings for both the lessons and the general dance. As a committee we now feel that our proposition that dance is a sport and therefore not subject to VAT is now secure and we feel safe in reporting the full value of our funds including the margin that we prudently set aside when we first agreed with the club auditors that we should not be liable for VAT on members entrance money.
This year we have made some small purchases, these are mainly CD’s to improve club music and some additional stage lighting to enhance our themed dances.  In addition to these purchases we have managed to gain the use of a projector from the club and we have also managed to repair the club smoke machines so that we can have smoke effects on stage if we wish.
As a committee we believe that the best interests of our club are served by a strong club membership and therefore we encourage all our regular dancers to become members of the WLC.  This is why we have maintained the cost for visitors to £7:00 for a Wednesday evening.  However, we have retained the concession that each section member is able to invite two guests each year.  This policy ensures that it becomes economically preferable for regular dancers to join the main club.
Finally, thank you to the membership who make running this club such a pleasure for the committee, and thank you to a brilliant committee who have kept us focused on what is best for the club, and providing such varied and valuable ideas to make this club probably the best dance club in the area.
I wish the club all the very best for the coming year and am sure that the incoming committee will continue to maintain the exceptional standards that mark our club as special.

Martin Deady
Westland Ballroom Dance Section



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